Black Cohort – An In-Depth Review (DG Artwork)


The two kits we will look at today are Black Cohort callsigns Rhonoceros and Canis Latrans. These are dynamic, 1/24 scale figures, highly detailed and expertly Cast in Polyurethane Resin. Each figure comes in a sturdy, compact box, the lid adorned with the boxart by Dae-Hyeong Kim. The parts are sealed in ziplock bags and then further protected by bubble wrap. First impressions are very good, lots of detail, dynamic compositions, complete with scenic bases.


Call sign Rhinoceros is an operative under a covert operation, stalking through rocky terrain. The pose shows that the sculptor had done his homework, taking in to consideration body movement and anatomy. The figure constitutes one main piece, legs and torso, the upper body twisted to the right, legs apart and feet planted, all of which helps to show that he is in “stealth mode”. Creases and folds to the clothing are realistic and there are a plethora of pockets and pouches, to carry the various items needed by a field operative. The lightweight body armour is accurately represented with sharp undercuts throughout.

black cohort

callsign rhinoceros kit in full

The right arm carries an automatic rifle, stock held tight into the shoulder, readied for action. Nice detailing of the working mechanism and scope with the left hand sculpted to the underslung handle sat back from the muzzle. The left arm when attached then fits accurately up to the wrist of the sculpted hand. We have a shotgun and several small pieces including a small edition of shell belt. This particular figure comes with two head options both depicting an operative with facial hair, which is prevalent with the special forces. Both have mouth pieces for radio comms, one with and the other without a helm.

black cohort

callsign canis latrans kit in full

The second figure sees an operative taking aim from behind a ruined wall. Once again we are presented with a kit that is of the highest quality and laden with details, such as pouches, munitions, straps and belts, time piece, ribbed cuffs, body armour and seams, creases and folds. This figure only has one head option, facial hair and ear piece present once more, but this time sporting a reversed baseball cap. The crispness of the detailing (baring in mind how much of it there is) is testament to DG Artwork’s commitment to quality casting. Although there is a moldline that runs down the left side of the cap, it should not pose too many problems to remove.

black cohort

head options

This time our subject is brandishing a pistol, double handed grip, arms outstretched in front of him as he leans out of cover to take aim. Both hands are sculpted to the pistol with the left arm connecting via peg and hole assemblies to shoulder and wrist. The fit of the arms is absolutely perfect! We also have a machine gun with silencer that is attached at the front and lines up with the strapping across the front of the torso. The beauty of these kits beyond the obvious is that the additional weapons and head choices can easily be mixed across the figures to create your own unique version.  The scenic base is nicely done, stepped, flagstone floor with rubble strewn about and a small section of textured brick walling, complete with small fire damage.

Both of these figures will provide the figure painter with a good painting challenge with a high level of accuracy, detailing and dynamism. Beyond that each kit is in itself a mini vignette, offering you the chance to create a narrative from the off.

The casting across both figures is of a very high standard, just one or two gentle mold lines need filing smooth and then there are the ever present casting plugs that need cutting and filing smooth also. There are no major defects such as air bubble holes or casting slippages.

black cohort

the reverse clearly showing the high level of detail on both figures…….


The design of both figures is very good, in some ways they remind me of a present day take on the Trigger series from Nuts Planet, with their dynamic poses and overload of body armour, pouches and super detailing. Although similar figures exist in the market DG Artwork are making them more attainable to the generic figure painter and not necessarily someone who only paints military figures.  Both designs are well considered, the poses are dynamic creating a striking silhouette and the composition of the figure and base is well balanced.


Dg Artwork have an ever expanding catalogue of subjects a true bazaar, something for everyone and these figures will appeal to painters and collectors alike, as single pieces, part of a collection or even as a diorama.


Each Figure comes in at $45 which I believe to be a fairly competitive price point for what is on offer. Each is a fairly comprehensive project and the finished piece mounted on a plinth will make for a dynamic addition to anyone’s cabinet. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in present day military subjects.

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                   $45

Material                              Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                      9-10

Release Date                      Available Now

Where Can I Get It?           HERE

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