Barbarian – An In-Depth Review (NutsPlanet)

Barbarian – the PRELUDE

Barbarian is one of the latest releases from NutsPlanet, it is a 1/12 scale, Polyurethane kit comprising just three parts. We have the main element comprising head and torso along with the axe head and the horn that needs attaching to the left shoulder.

The kit arrived in the usual high quality metal tin, the lid adorned with the box art by Myeong Ha-Hwang with the parts nestled between layers of foam.


Barbarian is sculpted by the uber talented Jun-Sik Ahn and on closer inspection is full of details and textures. This female Barbarian bust can be considered quite traditional as it consists predominantly of just head and shoulders, although a section of the upper arms is also represented.

There are some real highlights to the sculpt including the rendering of the hair, the detail to the skull armour, texture of the fur and the perfectly cast facial details. The hair shows a central parting and cascades down her back and curls across her collarbone and down to the breasts.

The facial features show a determined, strong but attractive female Barbarian, with accurately rendered features, making the painting of the face particularly enjoyable. The hair has a nice, natural flow to the locks, adding to the design of the bust, framing the head and shoulders and drawing the eye. The anatomy looks accurately presented, the breasts are somewhat stylised but lack the usual “over the top” exaggeration.

The necklace and teeth fetishes all help to further tell the story of our Barbarian and the quality of the texture to the fur and the “dragon skull” shoulder armour is particularly well thought out. Too often we see these types of textures being rushed as an after thought, sculpting done with short cuts etc but not here.

The horn that attaches to the shoulder armour adds a nice balance to the double blades axe head that appears over her right shoulder and is suitably sized so as not to look out of place. Actually the axe is only a partial section and fits in a snug crease behind her shoulder. It’s design with crude strapping, brutal blade etc further adds to the Barbarian aspect.

The Cast is of a high standard with no major defects, there are some soft moldlines that need attention and a casting block needs cutting away and filing smooth at the bottom of the bust. Preparation will be quick and easy!


We have had female Barbarians for a long time, but this particular character reminds me more of the powerful and heroic Red Sonja from the glory days of TV rather than the over sexualised female barbarians we are seeing more and more of today (pun intended)! The composition is well considere, the design is well balanced with a nice mix of differing textures and detailing.

This smaller size bust is great not only for the experienced painter wishing to take on new challenges but because of its simple design and quick preparation, will also be the perfect introduction to Bust Painting for the beginner.


NutsPlanet as we have come to expect have produced another wonderful kit and will surely appeal to their legion of fans (myself included). The kit will clearly appeal to the Fantasy painter and collector and I look forward to seeing more in this fantasy range in the future.


Pricing is so objective in this Hobby but I feel it is always important to consider the product’s qualities when weighing up whether we should make a purchase. The quality of the sculpt, cast and presentation is of the highest quality, so that even at 1/12 scale, the price point in this case is still particularly competitive!

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                     €40

Material                               Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                       3

Release Date                      Available Now

Where Can I Get It?           HERE

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