ArtQuest 2017 – the Results are In!

ArtQuest 2017 – the PRELUDE

It feels like an absolute age ago that we rather foolishly decided to create our very own competition, ArtQuest 2017 and little did we know or conceive of the amount of work involved or indeed the number of “life issues” that will slow everything down. Since announcing the competition there has been spinal operations, births, bouts of depression, house moves, job offers, a magazine launch and various other things that have all impacted on the teams’ time and efforts to run the competition. However, it has certainly opened our eyes to where we need to improve when we run the next version.

As you know we had a series of categories under two levels, Journeyman and Master, we also created a special category showcasing your journey as a painter. Before we get to the exciting bit of announcing winners, let me explain how we came to our decisions regarding who placed and where?!

Acrylic medals for Masters winners!!


Each and every competitor was allocated a random ID number which was associated with each uploaded image making judging non biased, every member of the judging panel awarded scores individually and averaged to determine their ranking within each category, resulting in our 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winners. We really wanted to give everyone a chance of winning, we were not specifically looking for the most technically gifted painters but more so those that showed creativity and original ideas backed up with competent brush skills.

With that in mind we allocated scores out of 10, to three sub categories: Technical Ability, Artistic Design, Creativity and Narrative Elements. Ultimately those who would be the most successful will be those painters who scored consistently high across all of the judging criteria.


Even with all of this in place it was incredibly difficult to judge furthermore, we decided to “upgrade” some Journeyman competitors to Master, as every piece was judged to the same criteria and Masters category had fewer entries it made sense to do this. So some people will be very surprised and happy with their results! We were very happy with the quantity and quality of the submissions and wish to thank everyone for their efforts and time.



Small Single Figure

Large Single Figure





Small Single Figure

Large Single


PERSONAL JOURNEY (Overall winner)

A wonderful example of progress – Gold – Kaitlyn Pickett


Below is a list of all winners and their randomly selected sponsor prize! We would like to once again thank all of our sponsors for their support and donations, it means a lot to us! We will be making every effort to contact individuals for shipping information and to settle shipping payment prior to sending out the prizes, in addition if you have read this post and you are a lucky winner, feel free to contact us with your shipping details at

1 A figure from Creepytables – Axelle Darmont 
2 A figure from Creepytables – Denniz Hedin Salo 
3 Ganesh from Aradia Miniatures – Carlo Segretario
4 Palette (Redgrass) and Brush Set (Broken Toad) – Jim Brown 
5 Wyvern and Ettin from Atlantis Miniatures – Sven Jonsson 
6 A figure from Creepytables – Alysia Calderwood
7 Mystery box from Limo Miniatures – Matt Sandford 
8 SM 03: Sazabi Custom from Rinaldi Studio Press – Jennifer Tallman 
9 Annual subscription to Soldatini – Oscar Gross 
10 Annual subscription to Soldatini – Bas van der Schaaf 
11 Annual subscription to Soldatini – Derek Clark 
12 5 Miniatures from Siren Miniatures – Richard Cordeiro
13 Orc Bust from RN Estudio – Leonardo Archini 
14 SM 03: Sazabi Custom from Rinaldi Studio Press – Garith Pipkorn 
15 Set of Figures from Terrible Kids Stuff – Bespalko Alexander 
16 Bismuth from Aradia Miniatures – Kaitlyn Pickett 
17 A figure from Creepytables – Mateusz Banaszkiewicz 
18 SM 02: Sazabi Custom from Rinaldi Studio Press – Werner Kellens 


I think you will all agree these are some worthy winners and we all hope you found it interesting to challenge yourselves and are happy to come back the next time and try your hand once more. We hope you like your random prize pool items too! As I have already said this was a far bigger undertaking than we first envisioned and we sincerely apologise for the delays, but lets focus on the positives and we will be back better and bigger than ever before!

Thanks everyone, sponsors, judges and you the painters, thanks for sharing your works and passions with us, until the next time!!