Art Quest 2017 Prize Pool Update #1

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you, our Art Quest 2017 Prize Pool provided by the contest sponsors.  You can find the full description of the competition here, but as a quick reminder everyone who enters the competition (and is a follower of either our site or facebook page) will be eligible to win one of these prize packages.  Once the competition is closed, we will randomly draw winners from among all of our eligible entrants.  So, without further ado, here is a peak at the first set of prizes…


Limbo Miniatures is providing three of their excellent figures: Princess Jade Face the Vixen, Medusa, and Sun Wukong the Monkey King.


Siren Miniatures is graciously providing a set of 5 figures!  Included are Droud, Mogwai, Taquail, Owyn, and Gustav.


Figone has graciously offered to provide a special offer to three different winners in the random drawing.  Each will received a 33% discount ticket for up to 150 euros worth of purchases from their site.  This applies to purchases from their Fantastique, Futuriste, Historique, Humour, Accessoires, Degra, and Black Forest lines.


RN Estudio has thrown into the Art Quest 2017 Prize Pool their fabulous Warcraft inspired Orc bust, a really great looking piece!

So that is just a first glimpse into some of the awesome prizes that each and every entrant has the possibility of winning, with more to come we will be showing you over the coming weeks exactly what you can get your hands on!

Looking forward to see what you all have been working on, go go go!