Unmissable Art Issue 5

Unmissable Art – the PRELUDE

‘Eclectic’ is probably the best way to describe my taste in Unmissable Art, so again this week there’s a varied selection for you to peruse, I hope it provides inspiration and motivation for your next project!

1: Follover – Vague Sadan

Unmissable art issue 5 - Sadan Sculpture1

I had to do a spot of research on this stunning piece by a sculptor know as Vague Sadan on facebook (not sure if this is his real name, but certainly the name he uses when posting sculpts), it was dedicated to ‘Pinzel’, which I believe is a Ukrainian sculptor from the 1700’s by the name of Johann Georg Pinsel, whose work features lots of excellently sculpted cloth. Sadan has captured the essence of Pinsels work splendidly and I actually prefer Sadan’s cloth sculpting (it also helps that the skull-faced character appeals to my love of gothic fantasy).

2: Scratchbuilt Flying Flea – Alexander Wence De Leon


Unmissable art issue 5 - Flying Flea1

In 1942 Royal Enfield produced a super-lightweight motorcycle that could be dropped by parachute and used to relay communications in areas where radio contact had not been established. The motorbike has since become quite iconic and Alexander Wence De Leon has scratchbuilt his own in 1/9th scale and excruciating detail! I’ve featured this to show that even bare plastic can be art in its own right, even though the finished piece is excellently painted too.

3: The work of Riccardo Federici

Unmissable art issue 5 - Riccardo Federici

Now, this one is just about the happiest accident that could occur. I was having a look through Artstation.com searching for art with water in it as reference for a personal piece, and just happened to spot a thumbnail image that looked interesting (nothing like I was after but by this point I was thoroughly distracted) and turned out to be the work of a chap called Riccardo Federici, an artist that works with pencils, oils, and acrylics on private commissions and a lot of comic artwork. There wasn’t much in the way of finished pieces (I would assume by request of the people and companies he does work for), however, I really love the work in progress images as they give an insight into what goes into art like this (and its a lot, from the pencil layers to the meticulous oil painting).

4: Orc – Sergio Calvo Rubio

Unmissable art issue 5 - Sergio Calvo Rubio

Sergio Calvo Rubio has been at it again, this time in a spot of friendly competition with Figone creator Jérémie Bonamant Teboul. Sergio’s version of the Orc is absolutely stunning with excellent work on the skin and his usual glorious NMM on the shiny edge of the sword. I don’t think Jérémie has posted his version yet but I would guess that it is equally as good!

Thanks for reading this weeks issue of Unmissable Art, I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of classic sculpture, scratchbuilding and awesome painting!

Happy Painting!

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