Unmissable Art Issue 4

Unmissable Art – the PRELUDE

Welcome back to another instalment of Unmissable Art! There’s been lots of work shown this week, so lets get right into it!

1: 40 Days dans le Désert B – Allan Diego Carrasco

First up is this amazing creation from Allan Diego Carrasco.   It’s based on art from a book by Moebius entitled ‘40 Days dans le Désert B‘ which is a collection of 70 pieces of art centered around the inhabitants of what is possibly the strangest desert I’ve ever seen. Carrasco has taken the black and white ink drawings and breathed new life into them with a stunning and also faithful sculpt.

2: Apollon – Riccardo Agostini

There’s not too many images available of this one at the moment, but It’s Apollon by Kimera Models from their Elysium 3030 range painted by Riccardo Agostini. I thought it was a really interesting sculpt with a lovely NMM and OSL (Object Source Lighting as I’m sure you already know), the use of brighter points and slightly tighter painting on areas such as the orb in the torso and the nmm on the helmet (or face? it could well be a face) directs the eye exactly where the artist wants it to go.

3: Fallout – Ivan Melnikov

Ivan Melnikov is pretty well known now for his incredible attention to detail and sometimes highly controversial dioramas, but back in 2011, Ivan (also known as Nakatan) was all about Fallout. He created a series of dioramas themed around the games, all of which are brilliant, but this particular one is a masterclass in textures and weathering. It perfectly captures a desolate and dry landscape, you need a drink of water just looking at it!

4: Frank Von Stein – Emuse Studio


You may recognise this one, Its a piece by Emuse studio (Frank Von Stein from Terrible Kids Stuff), however, it has had a new base, one which really works well, and let’s face it, we don’t need too many excuses to show off work from Emuse!

5: Unmissable Artist – Jens Trenkle

Alongside my well known affection for NMM is another passion which I don’t try to hide (and why should you! you like what you like and no one can take that away from you), namely cars. I love the sound, the engineering, the driving, and the design, and I love a well-executed model car. So when I saw the work of Jens Trenkle I was immediately captivated by the realism he’s achieved on his builds, most of them could easily pass for photo of a real vehicle. This is where weathering becomes art.  Apparently Jens does not have a page or website for his work but does post on The Art of Modelling facebook group regularly.

I mean, look at this, it looks like a photo of an abandoned ’70’s movie car

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this latest installment of Unmissable Art, as always there’s plenty more where that came from and I look forward to exploring more art and artists with you next week!

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