Unmissable Art Issue 3

Unmissable Art – the PRELUDE

Well, this issue is a touch late, so I apologise if you’ve been eagerly anticipating this next installment of Unmissable Art!

As you well know, this series highlights art in all forms, both new and old because there is always something to learn or draw inspiration from that we can use in our miniature painting. Recently I’ve been tinkering with painting on canvas, and looking through Dmitry Fesechko’s website for ideas I happened upon Vasily Vereshchagin, a Russian artist from the 19th century. Our list begins with the painting of his that captured my attention the most.

1: Japanese Priest – Vasily Vereshchagin

japanese-priest-1904 Unmissable Art Issue 3

A striking portrait of a japanese priest. I love it because its both alive and very clearly a painting at the same time, you can see the brushstrokes, yet he still looks as if he could walk away any second. The gentle sheen to the skin and incredible use of colour are exceptional and makes me wonder why I’ve not heard much about this artist until now.

2: Untitled – Jason Liu

untitled sculpt by Jason Liu Unmissable Art Issue 3

Now for something in a more familar vein, this wonderful sculpt by Jason Liu is a brilliant example of composition (check out the dragon’s heads, both leading you to important parts of the figure), its currently a digital sculpt, but from what I can gather it could be a model in the near future! I’m sure we’ll have more details as and when this hits production.

3: Blood Raven – Warp Storm Painting

Blood Raven by Warpstorm painting Unmissable Art Issue 3

I thought it’s about time we had a Space Marine in Unmissable Art, their very nature makes them one of the most versatile miniatures for trying different painting styles, so much so that it is arguably difficult to find something that hasn’t been done before. So why did I pick this particular paintjob from WarpStorm Painting? Well it all has to do with placement and simplicity, the effect hasn’t been overdone, and the placement really is rather good, so that it looks exceptionally shiny without being too busy. I for one can’t wait to see it finished and we’ll take a look once that happens!

4: Malakain, Hellgate Keeper – Bohun

Bohun is well known for his stunning attention to detail and mind boggling textures. This piece done for Karol Rudyk Art is no exception, and I’ve picked it because it just gets better as you get closer, much of the skin textures are painted on, which would be impressive on any dragon, but Karol Rudyk creates…rather larger beasts than we normally see. The wealth of colours in the skin is also incredible and I for one would love to see this piece up close and in-person because I would place a significant bet that the pictures don’t truly do it justice.

Here’s a shot of the textures a bit closer, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a stunning work of Unmissable Art!

Malakain Head wip Unmissable Art issue 3

Even as a Work-in-Progress this shot shows just how much has gone into the paint job.

Thats all for today, Next week we’ll take a look at another Unmissable Artist as I rather enjoyed delving into Forest Rogers work in Issue 2, as well as keeping you up to date with the incredible art that surfaces during the week.

Happy Painting!

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