Unmissable Art Issue 2

Unmissable Art – the PRELUDE

Welcome to week 2 of Unmissable Art! I hope you enjoyed the first installment where we explored the world of anthropomorphic candles, mind blowing NMM and creepy skull temples!

This week we take a look at some digital sculpts, miniatures and a model kit of something rather unusual.

1: The Song of Tiger and Dragon – Keita Okada

Unmissable Art


Now, normally for the Unmissbale Art series I would arrange images in a nice set of three, inside a gallery so that the reader can peruse and click on whichever picture appeals to them, but this digitally sculpted piece from Keita Okada creates a significant impression and just having thumbnails of the work would be doing it a disservice. It is exceptionally striking as a whole sculpt, and even more so when you dive into the fantastic amount of details. There’s almost a ‘Yin-Yang’ look to it which I really like, there’s definitely more to this than just what the photos are showing us.

2: Float and Sink – LEP Studio

From a purely digital sculpt, to one that’s more physical (even if it really doesn’t look like it!). This is ‘Float and Sink’ by LEP Studio, and it is the first time I’ve ever seen someone create a jellyfish as a model kit. You’d think that the animal wouldn’t lend itself to the medium particularly well, being generally as squishy as they are, however, this stunning kit proves otherwise.

It has a beautiful ethereal quality to it, and like all good art it makes you feel something.

3: Zhu Bajie – Krzysztof Kobalczyk (Redav)

Don’t fret, of course we were going to feature some incredible miniature art! This is Zhu Bajie from Bigchild Creatives latest kickstarter ‘Legends of the Jade Sea’

Painted by Krzysztof Kobalczyk (who you may already know as Redav) this Pig-orc looking guy is a wonderful example of brilliantly painted lighting and texture. The texture, in particular, is my favourite part about this. For those of you not familiar with my brand of ramblings online I have a deep and long-standing love for NMM in all its forms, and the warm, diffuse reflections on battered armour and weapons are as appealing to me as the highly polished look we see on miniatures from the likes of Sergio Calvo Rubio.

4: Gratitude – Felipe Ferreira

Unmissable Art

such feeling

Something a little more whimsical for you now. I would hazard a guess that most of you have heard of the artist Matt Dixon? If not then have a look HERE and take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with some fantastic art.

Felipe Ferreira has created a photorealistic render of one of Matt’s paintings, this one in fact.


The attention to detail that Felipe has shown in his rendition is fantastic, all the little dirt marks and subtle lighting are present, but the transition into something that looks so very real is what stands out to me. Whilst it doesn’t have the same visual punch that our first entry ‘The Song of Tiger and Dragon’ did, you’ll find yourself looking at it for just as long, and that is a testament to the quality of both the concept and the 3D creation.

Here’s a turnaround video so you can see it from all angles.

5: The work of Forest Rogers

For this last entry I was searching for more details on an image I had stumbled across during my travels through the icy wastelands of Facebook, I happened upon the work of Forest Rogers a sculptor and artist of extraordinary skill, based (I believe) in Pittsburgh USA.

Normally, for Unmissable Art, I pick an image or one sculpt/paint job to focus on, but there were so many and all of such a high standard that I thought, well, let’s make this one an Unmissable Artist instead!

From the light, delicate shapes of the Sea Faun (middle) to the visceral look of the Celtic Goddess of War, Fate and Death herself ‘The Morrigan’ (left), each of Forest’s traditional sculptures speak in a very different way, some are unsettling, some are warmth and beauty and some are rage and anger.

For more of Forest’s work, take a look HERE.

That’s it for now, I hope this issue of Unmissable Art has injected you with some inspiration, I hope you come back for more next Friday!

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