Sculpting a Fantasy Creature with Carmine Giugliano (Thor Creart) Part 2

So lets continue! In Part 1 I began by showing you how to build up the basic anatomy, volumes and movement on the piece. Here I plan to finish the the anatomy, the textures of the skin and fur.  After the legs I start to work on the torso, trying to make the idea of twisting and bending due to the weight of the weapon. Good design and believable and dynamic postures are really important to the overall feel of the finished piece.

In order to make the work faster, waiting for the putty to harden, I start and implement additional work on his left leg, strictly in theme with the character (using a mix of Bees Putty and Fimo in various colours).

Also beginning to realise the weapon’s base and I start to simulate the ripples and irregularities of the skin of the troll using a 2 component glue, each plate/scale is a drop of glue worked and manipulated with needles of different sizes directly onto the surface of the skin.. In the last two pictures of the gallery you can see the effort that goes into recreating realistic fur, I begin by creating individual “scales” which are then glued in place and then manipulated to represent fur more accurately.

The work proceeds until a nearly complete anatomy ready for the dressing, which will include armour, straps, buckles etc etc which we will cover in the final part.