Sculpting a Fantasy Creature with Carmine Giugliano (THOR Creart) Final Part

Welcome to the final part of this little sbs, following on from Part 2 we will now be adding the final details! When the fur is ready, I add the belt to the chest and, trying to create the illusion of “tension” in the belt across the chest. Then, I start to dissect the left arm, so I can work more easily both on the shield on the arm of the troll. I am always having to think about sculpting the creature from the inside out so as to make the next step as easy as possible, this is particularly important when adding the details.

The work proceeds adding details on the arm and the shield .
To render him even more “aggressive”, I have made some skulls and put them on the belt like a trophy. Finally, after other minor adjustments, the troll is finally ready to go into action.

Little sbs: to realise the veins on the skin of the troll and other creatures I make , I use a two-component glue, which I apply with various brushes of different sizes. The flakes / plates, I always use the same two-component glue, applying it with needles, brushes, toothpicks, and “tapping” the surface (for the smaller ones), or leaving deposits of the droplets (for the bigger ones). This in my opinion can be a very useful technique for creating textures and realistic surfaces.

Although the three parts are not exhaustive in their description, I hope the accompanying images are useful in seeing how a creature is brought to life. Thanks for reading! Thanks to Jason for inviting me to write some words on his figurementors site!