Let your Imagination Fly! by Stathis Mamais

Let your imagination fly – the PRELUDE

My name is Stathis Mamais. I am 36 years old and I live in Athens (Greece). I have lived the life of a passionate modeller for about 14 years now however, the last 5 years or more have seen me focus more and more on my work, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and trying to improve with each new project.

I could say that modelling touched me personally and emotionally in a big way. Working in modelling, I feel that I can combine feelings, fantasy and reality with very good results, or so I believe, I hope after this article you will see my results and maybe agree with me!


Those who are avid readers have felt the author and the world he wants to take us to many times, as well as the messages he tries to pass through his written prose. This other dimension, this imaginary world that the author carries us to is what I try to imprint in scale.

The most difficult element of the creation was how to make the whole flying machine appear to be floating in mid-air, as long as the book can be lighter, in relation to the rest of the construction. The project took about a year and a half to be completed. I have to say that I am satisfied with the result.

The construction of the book was made from thin wood sheets, for which I designed the front and the back cover and then engraved with a laser. The gears and the wheels were also created with the same material and technique. The frame of the bicycle made with metal parts which were then welded together.  The feathers were created from plasticard sheets, engraved with a pen, and folded to the required form.

The metal frame was made entirely with plasticard parts and the globe was also manufactured with plasticard with the various continents were manufactured from foil.


The painting process had a large degree of difficulty due to the size (or volume) of the construction. Each part would be painted separately and assembled when all the parts are finished.

The colours I used were a combination of acrylic and oil painting. I used acrylic colours for the book and the rest of the construction but the enlightenment I used only oil paints. The leaves of the book are from thick paper (A4) and the letters were printed and then attached with white glue. Finally, it was illuminated with acrylic paint with several passes of the airbrush.

The figure was made with two component epoxy and painted with acrylic colours.

For the creation of the figure, as well as it’s painting, I have to thank a good friend – Christos Panagiotopoulos – who helped me considerably.

EPILOGUE (Conclusion)

Through this construction, I want you both to express and to demonstrate the human feelings that come with awakening our imagination, we feel free to travel all over the world, so that we can see different cultures, traditions and values.

So, let us believe in ourselves and our desires in approaching, understanding and exploring the world.

Many thanks for reading, I hope you like my project, kind regards!! Below is a gallery of the various photographs I managed to take during the process. Enjoy!