The Illustrated Fantasy Artist Issue 2



Hello everyone, so Issue 2 is here with us already and we have taken the feedback and in our opinion created an even better issue. We have also introduced a degree of interaction by creating hyperlinks with the Table of Contents meaning you can go straight to your favourite article/s.

This issue sees a very special article, actually it is two articles, written by Slayer Sword winner Pawel Makuch, Sorrow Hill also dominates our cover. We have an interview with one of my favourite painters of all time, Martin Goumaz and a host of articles by top names covering everything from achieving smooth female skin tones, through to sculpting and even comic style painting with Marc Chee.

We carry on our collaboration with the online gallery Putty & Paint and present an expose about the facebook group Eavier Metal’s Monster Mash painting competition winners! From community support, to award winning design to insightful articles to help you become a better painter, we truly do have something for everyone! Lets go! Jay!