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New Releases in Figure Painting Issue 8

New Releases – The Prelude

Now we’re back with a few more new releasses, that caught our eyes recently. Earlier New Releases articles can be found here:

First up we have “Deer Huntress” from Altores Studio. She is a 1/12 scale resin bust, depicting a rather feral looking, beautiful female warrior or hunter. She carries a spear in her left hand and wears an impressive antlered deer head as a headpiece. I think this bust has great potential for a gritty paintjob, where you really work with adding texture to smooth surfaces. She is sculpted by Alexander Deryabin.

The Deer Huntress will be available at and

new releases
Deer Huntress

Next up we have a soldier from FER Miniatures.

Polish Winged Hussar

This is a 75mm 12 part resin figure with quite a strong pose and attitude. The Hussar is sculpted by Young B. Song and we have a striking box art paint job by Arnau Lázaro. The Polish Winged Hussar is available here:

new releases
Polish Winged Hussar

If you’re into classic Warhammer, note how much the Winged Hussar resembles a Kislevite officer or knight. Goes to show how GW uses real life references and a great example of a way to bridge the gap between fantasy and the historical; a figure like this could, with only a little bit of tweaking, be used in a fantasy setting.

Lastly we have Eruannë, Light of Darkness from Hera Models. She is powerful looking sorceress, floating on the power of her magic! A very strong fantasy image, cleverly constructed by lifting her up on her cape.

She is a 1/24 scale figure cast in resin. Eruannë is sculpted by Pablo Sapia. based on a concept art by Ivan Sanchez. There will be a box art by Sergio Calvo Rubio, I am looking forward to see that!

Eruannë is available for preorder at delivery April 1st.

new releases
Eruannë, The Light of Darkness

There’s a limited edition version of Eruannë whith an alternative head, More agressive and with horns, turning her into something a bit demonic!

new releases
Eruannë, Light os Darkness by Hera Models

new releases
Eruannë concept

That’s it for today!

Thanks for reading.

I will be back soon with more New Releases in Figure Painting.

-Kristian Simonsen



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