Welcome to figurementors.com! I imagine a fair few of you will know who I am, my name is Jason Martin aka Redrum. I have previously worked for Figure Painter Magazine and Legion of the Cow, developing my writing skills and finding my “place” within this awesome community.

Something I realised a while back was that when many of the “masters” (Guiding Lights) were developing their skills as figure painters, they pretty much had to do so by themselves especially prior to the advent of the web and more importantly Facebook. Now we are far more immersed within the hobby, joining groups, forums, liking pages and viewing galleries, we are able to hold conversations with fellow figure painters all around the globe and seek feedback on our latest projects.

What I want to do with this blog is to offer everybody a chance to learn and develop their painting skills. We often hear of artists being on a journey and I firmly believe that. As such the site is set up with this in mind, the whole concept behind it is guide you along your personal journey to become a better painter. Giving you inspiration, insights and knowledge.