The Illustrated Historical Artist 10 – Out Now

The Illustrated Historical Artist 10 – the PRELUDE

The Illustrated Historical Artist 10 is now available and wow what an issue! We have gone from strength to strength, developing our design and brand, working closely with contributors to ensure that every article provides the WHW (WHAT, HOW and WHY) behind the great Artists every masterpiece! We have contributors coming back and wanting to be more involved than ever, there is a developing sense of one big family wanting to share their own personal journeys and being involved with the team from start to finish.

This issue is a whopping 111 pages (we do our best to keep it to 96, but sometimes we just don’t want to cut anything) and comprises of seven, in depth, informative and inspiring articles (step by step/tutorial) written by a host of top names accompanied with a Putty & Paint gallery, a review of a stunning Pegs Models release, an interview with the legendary Danilo Cartacci, a reference article about German soldiers of WWII plus a showcase of some of our favourite figures on display at Euro Miniature Expo 2018.

You can buy your copy HERE!

The Illustrated Historical Artist 10

If you want to learn from the best then look no further than The Illustrated Historical Artist 10! Whether you need motivation, inspiration or just need to finally know and understand how to achieve great blends or incorporate textures and realism to your work, we have it covered!


So let us take a closer look at what’s inside!

Philippe Giorda returns to our pages to kick off 2019 with his beautiful version of Oikeus from Galapagos Miniatures in The Illustrated Historical Artist 10. A perfect article to help you with composition of larger pieces and how to achieve cold and realistic finishes to fur and leather!The Illustrated Historical Artist

Ivan Cocker shares his love for all things Miles Christi with his warrior Monk. Through the clever use of multiple, subtle tones, he is able to produce a realistic and convincing interpretation of a warrior monk in sombre fatigues.

Alfonso Giraldes needs no introduction and it’s an honour to have him present here in The Illustrated Historical Artist 10, his interpretation of a Pegaso classic! With a desire to reignite love for the older releases of Pegaso Models, Alfonso talks us through an exhaustive account of his unique approach to painting.

Scott Pasishnek is a debut article writer and we are stoked that he chose our magazine to break his duck as it were. He is mega passionate and has a great following, his Youtube channel is proving to be a great idea and here he shows us his approach to using oils. The figure itself is stunning and the simple yet effective scratch-built base really adds to the finished piece!

Danilo Cartacci graces our pages in our latest interview, the gallery of figures is stunning, true inspiration! What needs to be said about Danilo and his works, not a lot, so instead just take a look at his stunning works!

Keigo Murakami showcases one of his most recent works and the results are simply stunning! The construction, paint work, finished ambience all speak of a master at his craft and here you get to understand exactly how he pulled off such wonderful work!

Luciano Massone returns with yet another beautiful figure, sparing no detail in his account. The finish to the English rifleman at Waterloo I second to none, the main focus of the article is the skin tone and face in particular but covers all the bases of this build and paint-job!

Claudio Antonucci concludes his exhaustive and ground breaking research into the German soldier of WWII complete with exclusive colour plates. This is the last of a large four part article on the German fighting man of 1943 along with a series of exclusive, specifically created, hand made colour plates, showcasing the uniforms, vehicles and weapons.

The Illustrated historical Artist

Alaerte Machado, last but not least, presents his first ever article, a great way to finish off a great issue! The American Civil War is a very popular subject with our readers and Luciano talks us through skin tone, fabrics, leather and groundworks.


We have been considering starting up a readers letters section, you can write in to the editor about feedback on a particular article, some historical reference/detailing or even show us your current work. The topic of the letter is up to you, what do you think? Is this a good initiative?

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Jason Martin is an award-winning painter, student of the arts and head honcho at Figurementors. His heavy metal listening, ex-forces exterior belies his true passion – to help you succeed on your personal journey to become a better figure painter.



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