New Releases in Figure Painting Issue 2

New Releases – the PRELUDE

As the dust settles after Scale Model Challenge, it is time to take a look at a few new releases. Let’s see what new releases have caught our eye this week. Here are the new releases from last week.

First up we have a Reaver Battle Titan from Games Workshop, for their Adeptus Titanicus game. This is of course a multi part plastic kit, depicting one of their iconic Titans of old. This is, like the Warlord Titan, a scaled down version of the Forge World Reaver Titan, so this one fits the smaller 10mm scale of Adeptus Titanicus. It is an imposing model indeed, and knowing the quality of the Warlord for this range, expectations are high. It is available here.

New Releases

GW Reaver Battle Titan

From Black Sun we have Juggernaut. This is a 75mm figure of a big futuristic, mutated warrior. He is quite fat but still looks very strong and determined. He has some mechanical bits and prosthetics added, among which is a mechanical right arm. His legs look mechanical too. He carries a huge gun on his left shoulder, nobody would want to mess with this guy! He has a nice post-apocalyptic feel to him. Much potential in this miniature I think. He is sculpted by Joaquin Palacios after a concept by Roman Tishenin. This bad boy is available here.

New Releases

Black Sun Juggernaut

Lastly we take a look a couple of new releases from  Kimera Models: From them we have the recent release Lester Marshall. Also a big, fat post-apocalyptic warrior in 75mm scale. This one has a distinct dieselpunk feel to him with a german looking uniform cap on his head, a gasmask and grotesquely he carries a stove on his back! He has got a lot of mechanical details like pipes, tubes and armour plates. A very menacing character I think. He carries a smith’s apron with a lot of tools in it as well. Concept by Walter Trono, Sculpt by Antonio Marzii and a very nice box art paint job by Francesco Farabi. This fella can be bought here.

New Releases

Lester Marshall from Kimera

At Scale Model Challenge Kimera Models advertised their new paint range Kimera Kolors, which is due in 3 weeks time at Monte San Savino. They describe it as very intense and pure pigments. I for one have very high expectations of this product and quite a bit of curiosity as well. If the pigment itself is especially strong you can paint with even more saturation and power. These paints will be available here.

New Releases

Kimera Kolors at their stand at SMC

That’s it for today, stay tuned for more new releases next week!

Kristian Simonsen

Award winning miniatures painter and modeler. An avid reader of fantasy, SciFi, art and history, this reflects more and more on my painting. I occasionally teach painting and modeling to people and I am here to do just that as well.







  1. Tyler Provick

    I’m excited for these paints. I switched to artist acrylics from mini paints and really enjoyed working with single pigments. However the artist paints were incredibly glossy so I’ve moved back to mini paints. When I mix my darks go grey due to the amount of white added to the colours for opacity.

    I’m a little concerned about their concentration. Each pigment and medium has an ideal concentration. Saying that they have more pigment is marketing speak, unless they are adding more pigment in which case they are assuming you will use their resin to thin it down.

    We’ll see. Hopefully I can get these paints in Canada.

    1. Author
      Kristian Simonsen

      I totally agree, and have experienced much the same with many paints. I am also very curious as to how much is marketing speak and how much, if any is real improvement. I am looking forward to try them sometime. I hope you’ll be able to get them in Canada. 🙂

  2. Tyler Provick

    I was able to pre-order. I’m not sure if their website is smart enough restrict based on shipping address. However since they’re selling direct it may not be an issue. The only issue is having the paint not freeze.

    Also, price was better than expected, on par with Golden High Flow acrylics even with shipping

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