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Sculpting hair, beards and other furs by Gregory Girault

Sculpting hair the PRELUDE As our collaboration with figurines.mag continues we are proud to present here in English for the first time a short tutorial that Greg did for a recent issue. We hope you find it useful either as a full sculpting project or just as a exercise in conversion or adding extra details to a stock miniature. So …


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Sculpting a fantasy character with Carmine Giugliano (ThorCreart) Part 1

“Welcome to the first of a three part series on sculpting. Carmine Giugliano will talk us through the general steps for creating a creature from dummy, bulking out the anatomy to detailing. This wont be an exhaustive written account but a more visual experience, a private insight into the step by step process of sculpting a fantasy creature. Enjoy (Ed)”. …