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New Releases in Figure Painting Issue 1

New Releases – the PRELUDE Welcome to our new feature, New Releases. Here we will take a look at those recent, new releases and preorders that have caught our eyes. This is by no means a review of the products, but we will share our opinions on the new and upcoming releases as well as links to where they can …


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Weekend Masterclass with Banshee – A Summary by Paul “Bully” Bullock

PRELUDE We will actually begin with the thoughts of another student, owner of RobotRocket Miniatures, figure painter and Eavier Metal admin , Matty Pearce: “Well … what can I say that would describe this weekend with any justice.. I can’t really. All I can do is to say it was one of the most intense and enjoyable weekends I’ve had in …

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Understanding your oil palette with Dmitry Fesechko

  Hello! I want to tell you some words about oils paints and some words about palette. I know that not so many painters use oil paints that much, but some principles could be used also for acrylic paints on wet palette for example. Ok, you have decided to try oils for painting miniatures, that’s awesome! The first question of …