Enter FigureMentors’ first painting competition for your chance to win prizes and showcase your miniature figure arts.  The deadline for submissions is 11 pm GMT on November 1st, 2017. Keep reading for details of the competition’s rules and theme.


You can participate in the competition as long as you are an active follower of the FigureMentor Facebook fan page or a follower of by the closing date of the competition in order to be eligible for any prizes.


 FigureMentors divides its competitions’ categories into two types: Standard and Special. The standard categories will remain relatively unchanged from year to year, but the special categories will change with every future competition.


Single Figure (Large)

Single Figure (small): A single figure in 54mm scale or smaller, may include a scenic base or plinth. Figures on a creature or mechanical mount of any kind should be submitted into the Monster or Vehicle category.

Single Figure (large): A single figure in any scale larger than 54mm, may include a scenic base or plinth.  Figures on a creature or mechanical mount of any kind should be submitted into the Monster or Vehicle category.

Bust: Busts of all scales or subjects.


Monster or Vehicle: Monstrous creatures, vehicles, and figures mounted on animals, monsters, or vehicles.  All scales eligible.

Diorama: A scene involving two or more figures.  All scales eligible.

Note: Judges reserve the right to move entries to a different category if it fails to meet the criteria for the category in which it was submitted.


Example showing the improvement on a similar figure made after a number of years.

Your Personal Journey: In the Personal Journey category type you will present work that shows your growth as an artist over time. To enter you must repaint a figure you have previously painted and submit a photo of the two side by side (if taking separate photos of each figure, please use the same photography studio set up: same lighting, camera, lens, and backdrop).  You can paint another copy of the original figure or paint a figure that is very similar to the original piece (same scale, same subject, and as similar looking as possible – for example, two figures from the same unit or box set). The judges will base your score on the quality of the new piece weighted with the amount of improvement from your earlier original.

Example of a Master’s Level piece


For each of the category types (standard and special), FigureMentors splits the entries into a Master’s Level and a Journeyman’s Level. Enter the Master’s Level if you have previously entered competitions at shows and conventions, and/or paint professionally and want to compete at a high level.

An example of a Journeyman’s Level piece

Enter the Journeyman’s Level if you have less competition experience and don’t feel the more seasoned master’s level painters are your peers. You may only enter pieces in one competition level, so all of your entries must be either at the Master’s Level or at the Journeyman’s Level.  You may not enter one category at Master’s and another at Journeyman. FigureMentors reserves the right to move an entrant from one level to another if the judges feel that the entrant has applied to the wrong level. Entrants will be informed of any changes to their initial entries.


  • The top three entries in each standard category and the special category at the Master’s Level will receive a medal from FigureMentors (gold, silver, and bronze).
  • The top three entries in each standard category and the special category at the Journeyman’s Level will receive a certificate from FigureMentors. The top entry in the Personal Journey special category at the Journeyman’s Level will also receive an hour long one-on-one coaching session with a member of the FigureMentors team over Skype or another video call method.
  • In addition, everyone who enters the competition will be eligible to win a prize from our random prize pool. These prizes are provided by our partners and sponsors and the list will be updated as more prizes come in during the competition. After all of the entries have been submitted and sorted, names will be drawn at random for each of the prizes in the random prize pool. Each person who enters is eligible to receive only one of the random prize packages regardless of level or category. Should an individual be drawn more than once, we will draw a new name for the second of the random prizes.

Winners will be asked via email to provide their mailing address so that we can send them their prizes.  In addition, winners of the random prize pool will be asked to cover the cost of shipping (via Paypal) for their prizes, if it involves a physical prize such as a figure, paints, etc.


You enter by sending photos of your piece to  If you are entering more than one piece, each of them should be sent in their own email.  The title of the email should be the category name followed by the competition level.  For example, ‘Single Figure (small) – Master’s Level’ or ‘Diorama – Journeyman’s Level’.  In the text of the email, please include the name or title of your entry and the scale of the piece.  You may send up to 5 photos of each entry, but each image should be a single picture (not a collage of multiple photos).  At least one image should show the full piece alongside the FigureMentor’s entry banner (link below).  You should print out the banner and fill in your name.  If you cannot print the banner, you may take a picture of the figure next to the banner displayed on your screen.  The remaining pictures can show alternative angles or provide close ups to highlight details of the piece. All images should measure 1920 pixels on the long side to ensure an easily judged representation of the entry.

For the special category, one of the 5 photos must show your version of the original figure.  This can be by itself or in the same frame as the new figure (if you are painting a copy).  The remaining photographs should focus on the ‘new’ version of the figure.

You can also use this fillable PDF form:



  • Entries must be painted entirely by the person entering them in the competition. Someone else may help sculpt or convert the figure, but may not assist with the painting
  • Entries may not have been previously submitted to any in person or online competition (local game store contests are exempt from this restriction). Once the images have been sent to FigureMentors and you have received your confirmation email, you are free to submit the pieces into other competitions.
  • As previously stated, to be eligible for any of the awards/prizes, you must be a follower of either the site or our facebook page prior to the closing date of the competition. If you follow our site or facebook page under a different name, please include that in the email when you submit your entries.
  • You may enter as many categories as you like, but may only submit one piece per category.

Judges reserve the right to disqualify or penalize entries that fail to meet these restrictions or any of the other rules laid out in this announcement.

Rafa “Volomir” Garcia Marin and an example of his work.


The FigureMentors team and our two guest judges will judge the entries based on our unique rubric. We are being joined by two of the biggest names in our community, Rafa “Volomir” Garcia Marin and Francesco “Franciuus” Farabi.  Both are winners of numerous awards, have made great contributions to miniature painting, and have very kindly agreed to join our judging panel. The evaluation and score for each piece will be based on the following quantifiable and qualitative weighted criteria:

Technical Ability: This criteria is based on how well the artist executed their deliberate style (not simply based on how smooth the blends are). Judges will weigh final aesthetic appeal against difficulty of techniques used to finish the piece.

Francesco “Franciuus” Farabi and an example of his work.

Artistic Design: Judges will evaluate the entry’s artistic design by examining practical and creative use of scene composition, figure/ground figure/figure relationships, movement around the scene, color and value relationships and balance, scene lighting consistency, and other design factors.

Creativity and Narrative Elements: Judges will evaluate an entry’s creativity and narrative elements including the element of surprise, projection of time and place beyond the boundaries of the scene or figure, figure’s interaction with other figures or background scene, emotional response, original statement, etc.


Entries must be submitted to FigureMentors by 11 pm GMT on November 1st, 2017.


FigureMentors would like to thank the following companies for helping to sponsor our competition:

Altores Studio

Aradia Miniatures

Atlantis Miniatures

Black Sun Miniatures



Galapagos Miniatures

Imbrian Arts



Limbo Games

Mirico Collectables


Rinaldi Studio Press

RN Estudio

Siren Miniatures


Sphere Products

Terrible Kids Stuff



Here is a link to the random prize pool.


Please direct any questions regarding the competition to

This section will be updated as question are received.